MAIN Protocols for the 2022 Season

Thank you so much to our transition team for their hard work to develop recommendations to keep everyone safe at our in-person competitions this season.
 If you have any questions, please reach out to the MAIN E-Board (

COVID protocols are a moving target, and finding one policy that encapsulates all possible outcomes of the 2022 season is impossible. Therefore, we ask that groups prepare for any combination of the scenarios below:
  • Directors are responsible for their individual unit and knowing their Administration’s policies on attending events at other venues.
  • Groups may need to wear masks in the facility if a mandate is in place.
  • Groups should prepare to wear masks both during warm-up and performances should the mask mandate include “during competition.”
  • If capacity restrictions for the venue are in place, the show may divide into blocks of performances by time and different ticketing procedures implemented to control crowd capacity.
  • If capacity restrictions for the venue are in place, groups will have designated times to arrive, unload, go into warm-up, perform, and then leave the building. 
  • If capacity restrictions for the venue are in place, groups may not enter the gym before or after their performances.
  • If extra time is required between performances, the overall format of the show may change.
  • On each event page on the MAIN website, additional COVID protocols for that event will be listed.
  • MAIN will include COVID protocols for each event in an email sent to participating groups’ CompetitionSuite Administrators.
  • Events at smaller venues, events with limited capacity, and/or larger events should have multiple Awards ceremonies with no more than 2 people to represent each team, or no Awards ceremonies at all. If capacity restrictions are in place, Awards ceremonies will not be held. Physical awards may be receive at the next event.
  • Critique format will be different from in years past, with some shows not able to hold Critique at all. Critique format may vary with each event.
  • Contactless options for payment will be available at some events. Some events may be cashless for ticket and concession sales. MAIN will include information from the show host in the event email if a show is cashless.
  • Some events may be paperless. Be prepared to reference the schedule link or scan a QR code for schedule updates, maps of the building, etc.

Some events may not have mask requirements or capacity restrictions. As a measure of mitigating risk at all events, the following protocols are in place:

  • All MAIN staff, spectators, volunteers, judges, and performers are strictly required to follow all venue requirements at all times, including masking.
  • At events where masks are optional, MAIN strongly recommends masks for all staff, spectators, volunteers, judges, and performers at all times, except while performers are performing or in official body or equipment warmup areas. Performers should have the option of wearing a mask.
  • Anyone experiencing COVID symptoms should not attend.
  • Anyone who has tested positive for COVID recently are asked to follow CDC guidance before attending.
  • MAIN has a vaccination mandate for all judges.
  • Social distancing is encouraged as much as possible.
  • Masks are required for anyone attending critiques, if critique is held in person.
  • At least one minute has been added to all interval times to allow distance between units. Units are not permitted to spend extra time in warm-up or performance areas. The schedule will note how many minutes are added at each event.
  • MAIN will work with hosts at smaller facilities and hosts of larger events to add breaks to allow more breaks and/or assist with limiting capacity.
  • The event host is being asked to clean high-traffic areas frequently throughout the event.
  • The event host is being asked to ensure there is hand sanitizer readily available at key locations and soap in the bathrooms.
  • Traffic patterns are designed to improve circulation and minimize cross-traffic.
  • Anyone serving food that is not prepackaged must wear a mask and gloves.
At Unit Check-In, please be aware of the following protocols:
  • Units may not enter the building more than 15 minutes prior to the Unit Check-In Time
  • Only the Director should enter the building to check in.
  • Wristbands are recommended; show hosts are asked not to use hand stamps.
  • Performers must arrive and enter the building already dressed and in uniform.
  • Boosters/Event volunteers/Show staff will not touch group’s props/floors
After your performance:
  • MAIN recommends that performers remain in costume and not change at the event. If they must change, please stagger bathroom use
  • All personal belongings must be out of the building no later than one hour after performance time
Flexibility will be key this year more than any other year. Let’s celebrate that we are able to provide Live Performances for our members this year!
MAIN Protocols for the 2022 Season