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Denniston Scholarship

2014 Mary T. Denniston
Memorial Scholarship

The Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network would like to honor the loss of one of our most influential adjudicators.  Mary T. Denniston was one of those individuals who played a prominent role in the growth of the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network.  She was the co-founder of the East Coast Judges Guild and throughout the years was an adjudicator for Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network (M.A.I.N.), Drum Corps International, Drum Corps Associates, Winter Guard International, Youth Education in the Arts, Tournament of 
Bands, and the National Judges Association.  She was known nationally for her dedication to Color Guard, Marching Bands and the Drum Corps activity.  An adjudication leader for more than 30 years, Mary's integrity and commitment to the performers had set her apart. She served on the WGI Task Force for a number of years and offered a wealth of information to guards, new judges, and pageantry as a whole.  She was inducted into the WGI Hall of Fame in 1995, the highest honor recognized by WGI.  Her guidance has helped to shape our programs, spirits, and lives.  This scholarship is in dedication to her commitment to education in the arts and to the continuation of her legacy.   
The Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network is proud to present this scholarship program to those performers who wish to continue their pursuit of academic excellence.  Any member unit is invited to select one participant to apply for this scholarship.  The unit must be a member of the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network in good standing and must attend the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network Championships on April 25th, 2015 at South Brunswick HS.  Participants must be high school seniors, or students enrolled at an
Institution of higher learning.  A scholarship committee comprised of unit directors and instructors will review each application and select those candidates who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership qualities, and personal achievements. 
The 2015 MAIN Scholarship Committee has presented the following guidelines regarding the application process:   
1. The recipient must be a high school senior or already attending an institution of higher learning.  
2. The recipient must be an active marching member of a unit who will compete at MAIN Championships.   
3. Each unit may submit only one nominee.  
4. MAIN will award scholarship(s),  to be paid directly to the recipient who should use the award for educational purposes.   
5. The recipients will be chosen by the MAIN Scholarship Committee which is comprised of unit directors and instructors.   
6. The awards will be announced at MAIN Championships on April 25th, 2015.   

MAIN Scholarship 
c/o Sharon Maher
115 8th Street
Piscataway, NJ 08854

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