MAIN Color Guard Hall of Fame

The purpose of the MAIN Color Guard Circuit Hall of Fame is to honor those individuals that have made a long-lasting impression on our beloved organization.  Their contributions are invaluable, and everyone involved in MAIN past and present owes a great deal of gratitude to them.

The 2018 inaugural inductees are Rick Fitzke Grey, Chris Huber Grey, Virginia Kraft, and the late Charlie Weir; the original Executive Board members that helped to create the circuit in 1996.  We will honor them at the second awards ceremony at our Championships being held on Saturday April 21, 2018.  We look forward to welcoming new members to the Hall of Fame each year.

MAIN Hall of Fame:

  • Purpose: The Mission of the MAIN Hall of Fame is to honor excellence and preserve our ever-evolving history. The MAIN Hall of Fame was formed to recognize the individuals whose extraordinary efforts and accomplishments have enhanced the MAIN Organization, broadened the appeal of these activities, and whose lives and accomplishments serve to inspire, educate, and be role models for all those who participate in MAIN.
  • Background: The MAIN Hall of Fame was established in 2018. The inaugural inductees were the four founding Executive Board members of MAIN.
  • Criteria: Selection to the MAIN Hall of Fame can be achieved as a past or present unit director, designer, staff, or other administrative position, an adjudicator or in adjudication leadership, or as a volunteer.

Selection Process:

  • A maximum of two (2) individuals will be added to the Hall of Fame every two years, during an even-numbered season (eg 2018, 2020, etc.). In the event of a tie, this number may be higher.
  • The Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of all current members of the MAIN Hall of Fame and members of the MAIN Executive Board. If a person is a member of both, they may only vote once.
  • Any person who is active in MAIN (i.e., a unit director or performing member, an adjudicator or volunteer) may nominate a candidate for Hall of Fame based on a set of criteria determined by the previous Hall of Fame recipients.
  • The names of persons who are nominated for election, but who are not elected as such, shall not be disclosed at any time to any person (including those who are nominated) other than current members of the MAIN Hall of Fame and the Executive Board. No member of the MAIN Hall of Fame Committee or any other person shall disclose to any person how any member of the Selection Committee voted on the election of any particular candidate (including the particulars of
    the balloting).
  • Voters will be asked to rank the candidates in their order of preference. Only complete ballots will be considered. The individual(s) will the lowest total score(s) will be elected to the Hall of Fame.
    The committee may choose to not elect nominees, or to only elect one nominee if so determined.
  • After the MAIN Hall of Fame Committee has completed all balloting for election into the Hall of Fame, the MAIN Executive Board shall then release the names of those elected for general publication.Timeline:
  • Nominations will be accepted in the Fall with a deadline set by the MAIN Hall of Fame Committee.
  • Recognition of each year’s recipient(s) will occur at MAIN Championships, with a separate celebration scheduled by the MAIN Hall of Fame Committee.