Copyright Policy:

MAIN requires all participating groups to comply with copyright laws regarding performance and/or use of arrangements of copyrighted music, visual images and other materials, as well as the use of copyrighted audio, spoken text and display of copyrighted words and images. If copyright violation is found to exist, disqualification may occur. Furthermore, I agree to hold harmless MAIN and all Contest Hosts with regard to copyright compliance. I also understand that video recording will not be permitted at any MAIN contests without express written proof of synchronization license.

Any question you have regarding music copyright can be found in this article published on the WGI website:
Two things:
1. We do not collect song titles so you do not have to submit anything to MAIN but every musical piece you decide to use must be in compliance.
2. This only covers copyright protections for the express purpose of live performances … not video recordings.

Photography & Videography Policy

As safety is paramount to all performers, any type of flash photography is strictly prohibited. Family, friends and fans may take still photos of MAIN events for personal use only. The images may not be sold or otherwise distributed without the written permission of the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network.

Due to US Copyright Law, and at the request of the performing ensembles, videotaping and/or recording of this event is strictly prohibited. You may be subject to dismissal from the arena without refund of admission if found to be in violation of this rule. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.