February 5, 2022- Saddle Brook, NJ

Location: Saddle Brook High School
355 Mayhill Street
Saddle Brook, NJ
Start Time: 2:00 PM

Covid Precautions for Event:
• Masks MUST be worn by everyone (staff, performers, and spectators) while inside the building except in the cafeteria while eating/drinking.
• Performers must wear masks during body and equipment warm-up but may remove for the performance only.
• Masks are to be removed as they enter the performance space and replaced as soon as the performance is completed.
• Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not attend. Those who have tested positive for COVID recently are asked to follow CDC guidance before attending.
• BLOCK SCHEDULING will be utilized at this event to ensure compliance with capacity restrictions: Units are separated into 3 blocks that progress in class and postmark order. Tickets for each block will be sold at the door. We accept CASH ONLY. We are offering WILL CALL for those spectators who may be concerned about arriving at our facility and not be able to be admitted. (details in director’s package) Following each block, the gym must be cleared of spectators, then the next block’s admission can begin.
•Units may re-enter the gym to watch following their performance, but they must leave the building no later than 90 minutes after their performance time.
•Units are reminded to arrive at our facility “show ready”
•There will be no awards ceremonies and no live critique.


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EQ – G. Shyne
MVT – A. Delgado-D’Amore
DA –  C. Boos
GE1 – E. Doscher
GE2 – J. Aarons
T & P – M. Hammond

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