Only the total score is relevant to reclassification.

Caption scores provided for reference only.

Week 1

Promotion: Total Score of 68.0 (caption score 13.6)

Demotion: Total Score of 48.0 (caption score 9.6)

Week 2

Promotion: Total Score of 70.0 (caption score 14.0)

Demotion: Total Score of 50.0 (caption score 10.0)

Week 3

Promotion: Total Score of 72.0 (caption score 14.4)

Demotion: Total Score of 52.0 (caption score 10.4)

Week 4

Promotion: Total Score of 74.0 (caption score 14.8)

Demotion: Total Score of 54.0 (caption score 10.8)

Week 5

Promotion: Total Score of 76.0 (caption score 15.2)

Demotion: Total Score of 56.0 (caption score 11.2)

Week 6

Promotion: Total Score of 78.0 (caption score 15.6)

Demotion: Total Score of 58.0 (caption score 11.6)

Week 7 (Mid-season Show)

Promotion: Total Score of 80.0 (caption score 16.0)

Demotion: Total Score of 60.0 (caption score 12.0)

Novice / Regional A A Class
Interval Time 7 min. 8 min.
Minimum Performance Time 3 min. 4 min.
Maximum Performance Time 4:30 min. 5:30 min.
Minimum Equipment Time 3 min. 3:30 min.


A Class – Top level A guards who would be competitive with the middle to top half of WGI’s A class (whether or not they compete in WGI events) due to their high level of training and design techniques according to the WGI A class criteria. Judged on WGI A Class Sheets

Regional A Class – Guards who are in the middle stage of development. These units are not yet at the same level as the advanced A guards but are above the novice level in terms of training and design techniques.  They are considered to be A guards on a regional level. Judged on WGI Regional A Class Sheets.

Novice Class – Guards who are in the early stages of development and on a novice level in terms of training and design techniques. This class is based on training of basic skills.  Judged on Novice Class Sheets.