The 2020 Scholarships will still be awarded. Recipients will be announced on the MAIN webpage and Facebook page. The 2020 Scholarship recipients will also be recognized at the 2021 MAIN Championships.

Eligible performers may apply for the MAIN Scholarship or NJNJ Scholarship. There are two separate processes for each.

2020 MAIN Scholarship Program

The Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network is proud to present a scholarship program to those performers who wish to continue their pursuit of academic excellence. In 2020, MAIN will be offering several scholarships. Any member unit is invited to select one participant to apply for these scholarships. The unit must be a member of the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network in good standing. Participants must be high school seniors, or students enrolled at an Institution of higher learning. A scholarship committee composed of unit directors and instructors will review each application and select those candidates who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership qualities, and personal achievements.


On January 9th 2015, MAIN lost Charles J. Weir who was an original member of the MAIN executive board.   As a young man he was a member of Townsmen and Royal Brigade Drum & Bugle Corps and the financial manager of the Pegasus Winter Guard.  As a member of the executive board of MAIN, he took on many roles, was a guiding force to the guards, their instructors and directors, but also the organization of the yearly championship show.  There would be many a night prior to championships that you would find Charlie, his family and members of the Pegasus organization assembling the many trophies, selecting pictures for the championship yearbook, as well as any other task needed to have a successful event.  Charlie always made sure the guard members had their opportunity to shine. Charlie left too soon but definitely made the world a better place.

Because Charlie loved the activity so much, the family has established a scholarship in Charlie’s memory, the Charles J. Weir Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is in dedication to his loyalty and commitment to the activity and to the development of all performers within the activity.


The Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network would like to honor one of the most influential and dedicated founders of our circuit. Virginia Kraft is one of the founders of MAIN and has helped the organization grow and thrive for 20 years. Ginny is an amazing leader and fierce competitor. She consistently leads by example and is well respected in the color guard community. It is not only Ginny’s tremendous success that makes her so well respected. It is her dedication to her students and to the organization that has provided us all an opportunity to grow and compete on levels that were previously unavailable to color guards in our region. Her immense love of the activity and leadership is inspiring to us all.


The Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network was formed by a group of guard directors and instructors concerned with the future of the activity. The number one goal of MAIN is to strengthen our area color guard programs through community support, qualified adjudication and up-to-date education. The MAIN Executive Board offers a scholarship to continue the support of growth of our students.


The 2020 MAIN Scholarship Committee has presented the following guidelines regarding the application process:

  1. The recipient must be a high school senior or already attending an institution of higher learning.
  2. The recipient must be an active marching member of a unit in good standing in MAIN. Each unit may submit only one nominee.
  3. MAIN will award scholarship(s), to be paid directly to the recipient who should use the award for educational purposes.
  4. The recipients will be chosen by the MAIN Scholarship Committee which is composed of unit directors and instructors.
  5. The awards will be announced on the MAIN webpage and Facebook page. The 2020 Scholarship recipients will also be recognized at the 2021 MAIN Championships.

Click here to download the application

Unit directors should submit applications electronically to MAIN ( by April 30

2020 NJNJ Scholarship Program

NJNJ is delighted to offer a scholarship to a performer of a unit in good standing with MAIN. All unit directors are invited to select one participant to apply for this scholarship based on the following criteria.


  1. The applicant must be an active 2020 marching member of a unit in MAIN.
  2. Eligible performers should be furthering their education at a trade school, community college or university.
  3. NJNJ will award a scholarship to be paid directly to the recipient who should use the award for educational purposes or corps fees.
  4. The recipient will be chosen by the NJNJ Scholarship Committee which consists of three executive board members.
  5. The Scholarship recipient will be announced on the MAIN website.


  1. The applicant should submit their essay and personal information including name, address, age, the trade school, college, or university they wish to attend in the fall or the drum corps the performer has joined for the summer of 2020.
  2. The unit directors will submit completed applications as well as Unit Name and Class no later than April 30, 2020 to:


The essay must be a minimum of two (2) full pages and a maximum of four (4) pages. The essay should be typed using a 12pt font type and paragraphs should be double spaced. The essay should pertain to color guard as it related to one of the following themes:

  1. Leadership                
  2. Overcoming challenges
  3. Resilience                                                    
  4. Lessons learned 
  5. Acceptance