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1-25 units – $250 x 5 judges = $1,250
26 and up  – $5.00/unit – max of $350
For a WGI Judge 1-50 units $350; $7/unit for 51 and up
Timing and Penalties:  $250 for 1-50 units, $5/unit for 51 and up
Tabulator $225 for 1-50 units; $250 for 51 and up
Digital $225 for 1-50 units; $250 for 51 and up

Information for Sponsors

  1. You may be asked to transport a judge.  we have judges coming in from around the country and this would be a huge help.  MAIN is taking care of the financial end of flights and hotels, but logistically it is easier for the hosts to transport.  Most of you have been notified if this is the case, but there could be some changes later on if we need to make a judging switch.
  2. Judges will need to be paid in cash.  We will give you an invoice prior to your show to give you an idea of what you will need for each judge.  All other expenses, flights, hotel, and mileage will be taken care of by MAIN.
  3. Make sure that the sound system is capable of handling multiple media formats (CD’s, ipods, etc)
  4. The MAIN Executive Board will contact the show host for the required information.